Tell a friend: Sexy adult texting every night with Me at Sexytexting!

Have you tried our awesome system for online sessions yet? If not, you absolutely should. Here’s why:

I am your sexy texting Goddess, weeknights 7:30 pm to 11 pm eastern (8 pm-11 on Tuesdays)

You heard it first here! Have you been hoping to have a phonesex session with me, but our schedules just don’t mesh? Now we can still have an amazing session together. I’m not able to take calls in the evening at the present time, but you can still have a Mistress text session any weeknight that works for you!

Why try a sexy texting session?

A sexy texting session is just as sexually charged as a regular session. We can talk about the same things and believe Me, I can control you with My words alone, even without my voice. Sexy texting offers some things that a voice chat do not. For starters, are you sneaking around? Is there someone you don’t want to hear you? Sexy texting is perfect for this! In fact, sexy texting is a great Mistress assignment!

Do you have a very specific fantasy in your head, complete with the voice of the woman involved? Perfect! I can play the part of this woman even though I may sound nothing like her! Or, if you’re imagining a different type of woman than me, for instance a much older woman, my voice won’t distract you from your fantasy.

More importantly, there’s something very cerebral (in a very arousing way!) about taking somebody through a sexual experience with only your words to arouse them. My voice is a non-factor, so I must pay particular attention to the words I use to describe things or to direct you. It’s an entirely different type of intimacy than that you experience in a normal phonesex session!

Where do I sign up?

Good, now you’ve gotten to the important part. Here’s what you do:

1.Confirm with me over Yahoo messenger (EnchantrixNicole) that I am at my computer (though I’ll never be away from it for long) and available for a session with you. If you don’t see me on yahoo, ask the lovely Live Help ladies or a dispatcher to get in touch with Me. It’s very important that you confirm I’m available before taking any of the next steps.

2. Enter the website and select the link above the Mistress photos to purchase your session. Decide how long you can handle some XXX adult texting, then fill out the information requested.

3. Give me the email address you used to purchase a session, and I’ll double check that everything checks out. I will open the chat room and let you know when it is available.Then, you will go to the chatroom to chat with Me!

4. Kick up your heels, open your mind, and let’s have a fantastic time together

Mistress Nicole 1-800-601-6975

Mistress Nicole 1-800-601-6975



18 comments to Tell a friend: Sexy adult texting every night with Me at Sexytexting!

  • NB

    I hadn’t really considered a texting session before but I can certainly see some advantages. For one thing, texting gives you a few moments to compose your thoughts, and I know that at least for me (and I assume other people) the words “composed” and “thinking” are not usually apt descriptions of me when trying to interact with a mistress :-)

    • Excellent point, NB! Since you can even write some things in advance, you can be absolutely guaranteed of starting your session off exactly the way you envision it! I think it’s also a little bit easier to take a step back if something isn’t going exactly as you had hoped and get things back on track. It’s not often that a Mistress veers away from where you want to go, but we’re not mindreaders (we’re just very close!) and mistakes are made every now and then.

  • bradley boy

    I too have never considered a texting session, but sounds so fun, especially when ‘im trapped at the office or in a meeting! do people normally do this in addition doing regular phone/web cam sessions with you?

    • I think it’s a pretty new feature here, so I’m not sure how much overlap there is with the phone or cam sessions. BUT there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t include a little of both in your repetoire! And you’re right, it is great for those of you that want to do something sneaky!

  • Gummy Bear

    I’ve done a sexy texting session before and it can be really, really hot. I used it when I had company staying over in another part of the house and I couldn’t really risk talking on the phone. The session was just what I needed to get through the particular stress I was feeling. I already had a good relationship with the Empress, so there was no “get to know you” typing. We jumped right in and pretty soon I was having to type with one hand. She understood so she took over the conversation and allowed me to focus on my nether regions. Would I sexy text again? Oh you betcha!!!

    • Great example, Gummy! That’s an awesome time to use sexytexting, when you need your “fix” but just can’t make the noise. And of course, someone who doesn’t know me can talk a little with me in IM first or shoot Me and email letting Me know what it is that they are looking for.

  • pantysue

    i am more into calls than texting MsNicole… i just came over here to read your blog and post my comment for some pennies for the auction, but to my pleasant surprise, there was this beautiful picture of You in an absoultely gorgeous bra. The pink straps are so pretty and the black cups are so full… Do you have anything that pretty that You are donating to the auction?

  • castaway

    Hello Ms Nicole,

    Even though I have only had limited interaction with you in chat as well as here on your blog, I have full faith that a woman your apparent intelligence, confidence, and vocabulary would have no problem bending a man to your will with just the power of the typed word. I think as far as sessions go I’m more of an “aural” person (I assume in your esteemed company I probably better be an “oral” person as well), but I do love reading erotica, whether on other sites or written by you talented ladies.

  • Gummy Bear

    We’ve been looking at sexy texting from the clients point of view and of course that’s important, after all, the client is the one spending the money. There are however circumstances that don’t allow for a Mistress to be on the phone but she has time to be able to sexy text with her followers and be able to help them get their “fix”. I know right now Ms. Ivy has family over because her sister is getting married and even though she can’t be on the phone sexy texting might be a great alternative. Perhaps a Mistress is on vacation or whatever. I know I would rather have a sexy texting session than to do without!!!

    • You nailed it, Gummy! I’m doing sexytexting in the evenings because I want to play, but there’s personal reasons I can’t take calls in the evening right now. It’s a great alternative when the usual phonesex is not an option – for either of us!

  • pantysue

    i guess that i am just going to have to do all that i can to post and blog and listen to earn my pennies for the Auction then MsNicole. A phone session with You sounds like it would be a delight, but an audio would be just fine and i think i could even use my thumbs if it came down to texting You MsNicole. Thanks for donating!

  • castaway

    You know Ms Nicole,

    I like your idea of incorporating the pre-communication before a sexytexting session, especially b/c the caller’s typing prowess may be “compromised” during a session. I am big on communicating beforehand anyway, as “coldcalling” can sometimes be a bit less comfortable, but I can see how that can particularly augment a text session.

    One rough brainstorm I just had is a “choose you own (kinky) adventure”–like those old books from when we were kids, if there were roleplays that had inherent “decisional forks in the road” incorporated, that might be fun…

    • I love love love callers and texters who communicate with me beforehand so that once our session starts, I’m on!
      In a very informal way, I think many sessions do have those forks in the road…they’re just happening within the Mistress’ brain! If you don’t know Ms. Harper well, I believe she had recently mentioned an interest in doing something like that in her erotic fiction!

  • Aaron Jacobsen

    I never did a pre – call questionnaire. But it sounds like for this particular perspective one might need to. To save time and being expedient for both folks, . And do agree typing one handed can be exhilarating and exciting knowing that the Lady on the other end is enjoying herself as much as you are, that is truly stimulating. I have had some very erotic hot IM’s in the past, but not from this site. The gumster and cast have pretty much nailed it on the head, no pun intended there. Well ok maybe a little (dohhh!!) maybe an average sized head with the nail. as long as the nail was made out of the same “Nerf” they made footballs with for kids.
    The one thing that I would have to get over is the typos, for I ma so far notorios for htem. And I would want to make sure what I was trying to say was understood. But in the long run, that does not matter as much I suppose, for it is the mutual enjoyment of both folks who are enjoying the texting.

    • The pre-call questionnaires are always a great idea to make sure that you and the Mistress start off on the same page. Of course not everyone feels comfortable doing these and I imagine it can feel a bit impersonal. It’s a matter of personal preference, but a great option to have available! And it definetely makes sense with sexy texting as a time saver (although since you need to contact me by IM before a session anyway, you can always point me in the right direction by IM as well.
      I think the mistresses are pretty good at being able to pick up cues from your voice, your choice of words…and while we won’t have the voice on sexytexting, we do have those lovely Freudian slip typos!

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